Freddie Roach: Was Anderson Silva Just Lazy Against Chris Weidman?

By Jeremy Green
Anderson Silva
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

One of the most shocking fights in recent memory took place at UFC 162, where Chris Weidman was able to defeat Anderson Silva, a fighter many consider to be the greatest MMA fighter on the planet. In the fight, particularly in the second round, Silva tried to clown Weidman, hoping Weidman would make a mistake, but this cost him dearly.

Weidman made Silva pay for his fighting antics, whose hands were completely down, clipping Silva with a beautiful left hook. Weidman would follow it up with some punches on the ground, and he became the new middleweight champion of the world. Soon after the fight unfolded, many people starting questioning Silva’s antics.

Was Silva disrespecting Weidman in hopes of landing a counter strike, or was he simply bored in there? World-renown boxing trainer Freddie Roach, who has trained with Silva in the past, went on record saying he thinks Silva got “a little bit lazy” when going up against Weidman. Greatness is hard to achieve for many, but when you’re on top of the mountain for so many years, and are rarely ever challenged in a fight, things start to get old. Maybe this is what Roach is alluding to.

Still, Silva is adamant that his antics were simply a tactic to get Weidman to over commit on his punches. One thing’s for sure; he will need to revamp his defensive strategies, especially now that he knows Weidman has the power to end his night in devastating fashion.

So which Silva will come out against Weidman in the rematch? Will it be the killer we saw when he faced Chris Leben, or will it be the guy who clowned Demian Maia and Stephan Bonnar? Stay tuned!

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