Michael McDonald Dominates Brad Pickett, Proves Elite Bantamweight Status

By Jeremy Green
Michael McDonald
Paul Abell-USA TODAY Sports

Michael McDonald sent shock waves in the bantamweight division tonight, as he was able to dominate Brad Pickett from the opening bell. In the first round, McDonald was able to pick apart Pickett on the feet, rocking him and sending him to the canvas on several occasions. To Pickett’s credit, he would get his composure back, and would move forward to pressure McDonald.

After only the first round, McDonald was proving he was the superior striker, and Pickett’s face was marked up. In the second, Pickett took McDonald down, but this was a bad move on his part, as McDonald was able to lock up a triangle. He was forced to tap out, and McDonald instantly becomes a bantamweight title contender again.

McDonald’s last performance didn’t go his way, as Renan Barao was able to sink in a submission in the fourth round. However, McDonald said he didn’t treat his body right during training, hindering his ability to compete at his full potential. Now, it seems like he has found his stride in training, which helped him get the victory tonight against a very game Pickett.

This fight proved that McDonald is one of the hottest prospects in the UFC right now, and he will more than likely get the next bantamweight title shot, which will be defend by Dominick Cruz against Barao sometime next year. It was a sterling performance from McDonald, and it seems he is only getting better with every fight. Congrats to McDonald.

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