UFC: Nick Diaz Should Run Like The Wind From Fight Against Lyoto Machida

By Joshua Molina
Jason Silva — USA TODAY Sports

So, UFC President Dana White wants to book a goofy match of Lyoto Machida vs. Nick Diaz? That actually could be a really good fight, but Diaz would be a fool to take it.

Machida still hasn’t fully recovered from Jon Jones turning his lights out in 2011. Despite a knockout victory over Ryan Bader, Machida has mostly been fighting tentative and scared since Jones owned him in the cage.

Diaz, on the other hand, doesn’t fight scared, he fights smart, which often doesn’t translate to victory. Even though he talks like a thug, Diaz is actually a smart, safe fighter when in the cage with someone who he believes can knock him out. Against Carlos Condit and Georges St-Pierre, Diaz fought like a guy who wanted to collect a paycheck and then go run a marathon in California.

He didn’t have a lot of hunger and desire to win the fight. Despite his thuggish attitude, Diaz lacked the kill-or-be-killed, wreckless abandon, physical style to match his mouth in both of those fights.

So, what happens when you put these two guys together inside the cage? Either they stink it up with an epic boring match, or one of these guys is reborn.

Considering those odds, Diaz should avoid the fight at all costs. Yes, he can hang with GSP, but think about this: Jake Shields did better against GSP than Diaz did. It’s not that Diaz is a shot fighter, but his heart really isn’t into it. That’s why he only wants to fight for the title or fight a guy like Anderson Silva.

Machida wants to be a world champion again. He still has the desire, albeit he doesn’t want to taste submission or KO defeat again. Diaz, on the other hand, is naturally smaller and skinnier and would have a hard time handling Machida’s power. If Diaz wants to come back and fight, that’s fine, but he will need to fight someone he can beat, not try to fight a guy who walks about 25 pounds heavier than him.

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