Travis Browne Battles Through Adversity, KO's Alistair Overeem

By Jeremy Green
Travis Browne UFC
Paul Abell-USA Today Sports

UFC on Fox Sports 1 featured an interesting heavyweight bout between two giants in Alistair Overeem and Travis Browne. Both were looking to prove that they have what it takes to make a run for the title. For Travis Browne, he was able to do what he said he was going to do, stopping Overeem late in the first round.

The first round started off with Overeem pressuring Browne, kneeing him to the body repeatedly. Browne folded and it looked like the bout was going to be stopped. However, Browne survived, and started throwing some dynamic kicks. When he went for a front up-kick, it landed flush on a plodding Overeem, sending him to the canvas. The ref was forced to step in, allowing Browne to move up the heavyweight ladder.

This win, for Browne, came down to heart. Earlier in the fight, Browne had to battle back from adversity, and it appeared that the Overeem of old, the dynamic striker, had shown up for this fight. However, Overeem has never been known for his cardio, which was clearly evident in this fight. Browne was able to take advantage of Overeem’s lack of motion, landing one of the most dynamic kicks in heavyweight history.

This was a must-win fight for Browne, and he is maybe one more win away for challenging for the title, which will be defended by Cain Velasquez against Junior Dos Santos. For Overeem, he may want to call it quits as a fighter, unless he truly dedicates some time to his defensive deficiencies. Congrats to Browne.

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