Carlos Condit’s Rebirth

By Kevin Davidson
carlos condit
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports 

I remember when Carlos Condit was making his UFC debut. The last Welterweight WEC champion was about to take on the kickboxing phenomenon Martin “the Hitman” Kampmann. I remember seeing Condit walking towards the Octagon with a completely sadistic look on his face that basically said, “I’m going to go to war and whatever happens, happens.” I remember being excited for that exact thing to happen. Then the fight started. It was lackluster to say the least, with plenty of cage-hugging and not much aggression shown by either side. The fight was almost too close to call but Kampmann ended up getting the nod. It was Condit’s welcome to the big show.

Quite a few things have happened since Condit’s first UFC fight. Three “Fight of the Night” and two “Knockout of the Night” bonuses for one, and let’s not forget he was able to capture the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship by defeating Nick Diaz. Despite amazing fights to both Georges St. Pierre and Johny Hendricks, Condit now finds himself on the wrong end of a two-fight skid. When Condit fought both St. Pierre and Hendricks, he found himself against two of the best wrestlers in the entire UFC. It exposed how Condit needs to work on his wrestling game if he ever wants to be Champion.

Condit’s road back to contention starts with Martin Kampmann. Condit has stated that he has worked on his wrestling diligently since his last loss to Hendricks. Suppose Condit really did work on his wrestling and is planning on combining it with his aggressive Jiu-Jitsu; we could see the beginning of a completely different fighter. Either way, expect Condit to come out angry and fight like he has everything to prove.

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