UFC: Jon Jones May Be The Pebble, But He Is Certainly Not The Rock, Dwayne Johnson

By Joshua Molina
Brad Penner — USA TODAY Sports

Jon Jones may be the pebble, but he is not The Rock. Not by a longshot. The Rock is bigger than life, charismatic and electrifying. Jones is a great fighter, but he’s smug, dull and aloof.

Jones told MMA Junkie recently that he wants to model his acting career after that of Dwayne Johnson, who started as “The Rock” in the WWE and has since moved on to a successful movie career.

It’s possible that someone will hand deliver a big-time movie role to the 26-year-old Jones, but he shouldn’t count on it. Just because you are great fighter doesn’t mean you deserve the Hollywood limelight.

The only reason The Rock became one of the most successful movie stars in the world is because he is an extremely likable and and polite person who is respectful to his colleagues and the media. When you are a good guy all-around, people want to do business with you.

The Rock is also someone who gives great interviews and like to promotes his movies and wrestling appearances. Remember Jones in the buildup to the Chael Sonnen fight? He barely acknowledged Sonnen in interviews, refused to look him in the eye during an infamous UFC on FOX interview, and openly questioned how Sonnen could ever beat him.

When you are a fighter or a wrestler, the art of self-promotion is to make the fans believe that your opponent is worth fighting you. If you convince the fans that your opponent is worthy, you simultaneously lift your own stock because you are challenging that person.

When you berate your opponent and basically say he is not worthy of being in the cage with you, no one wants to see that fight.

The Rock is in a league of his own; he’s one-of-a-kind and bigger than any other MMA fighter or professional wrestler. Before Jones can become “The Most Electrifying Man In Sports Entertainment,” he needs to learn how do an interview without putting everyone to sleep.

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