How Far Away is Matt Brown From A UFC Title Shot?

By andrewebers
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Matt Brown has made a name for himself appearing on the UFC‘s Fox cards. A longtime fan favorite, Brown has rattled off six straight wins inside the octagon. All but one have been by finish. With impressive wins stacking up for the “Immortal”, he could be nipping at the heels of an unexpected welterweight title shot.

2010 and 2011 were hard years for Brown. The welterweight dropped four of five fights in the promotion and was looking at being cut if he didn’t put together some good wins. Nobody expected what would happen next. The Ohio native began to put together serious wins using his relentless pressure and power.

In his most recent victory, Brown swarmed talented veteran Mike Pyle. He instantly began to bring the fight to Pyle using heavy combination punches. 29 seconds into the fight, Brown found Pyle’s chin and put him on the canvas for the knockout win.

Pyle had also seen a resurgence in his career. “Quicksand” had won four impressive fights in a row, his latest being against Rick Story. Brown’s quick win over Pyle should definitely turn the heads of both fans and UFC matchmakers.

Five wins in a row puts Brown in an interesting position in the division. One high-quality win could catapult him in the direction of UFC gold, or at the very least put him in a no. 1 contender fight.

Currently, it looks as though the winner of the Rory MacDonaldRobbie Lawler fight will land the next shot at UFC gold, unless MacDonald opts not to fight his training partner Georges St. Pierre if the champ should retain his title. In the meantime, there are plenty opportunities for Brown.

Browns clearest chance at a title shot would be to take on the winner of the Martin KampmannCarlos Condit fight. Both Kampmann and Condit are highly-regarded welterweights. A win against either of them, and he could put up a serious claim for a fight against whoever the champ is at the time.

Either way, Matt Brown has successfully rejuvenated his career.  He has gone from the brink of obscurity to just one or two quality wins away from championship opportunity.

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