UFC: Wanderlei Silva Vs. Chael Sonnen Bout In Jeopardy

By Jeremy Green
Wanderlei Silva UFC
Image via Silva’s Facebook Page

A UFC middleweight fight between Chael Sonnen and Wanderlei Silva is in jeopardy of happening. After his submission win, guillotine, over former light heavyweight champ Shogun Rua, Sonnen went on to call out Silva.

Silva would respond much later, and it seems he’s interested in the bout, so long as he gets a cut of the pay per view draw, which rarely happens for any fighter these days. UFC president Dana White would respond via text to MMA Fighting about Silva’s demands:

“[Silva] said he won’t fight him unless he gets PPV [points] so I guess he’s gonna retire.”

White’s stance is clear in that he doesn’t want to give Silva the PPV points, as it might set a precedence, and other fighters would look to do the same. This puts the fight on hold for the time being. Hopefully Silva works something out with White and the UFC, as his fight with Sonnen would be exceptional, and there would be a lot of back and forth, in terms of the trash talking, leading up to the bout.

Silva has been a veteran of the sport for many years now, and he is most known for his wars put on under the Pride banner. His tenacity in the cage is rarely matched by any fighter, which was on full display in his bout with retired middleweight Brian Stann. If Silva wants to compete again inside the UFC, namely with Sonnen, he will need to come down from his offer.

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