Chael Sonnen’s 5 Best Verbal Jabs

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5 Totally Devastating Chael Sonnen Insults

Winslow Townson -- USA TODAY Sports

No one is safe around Chael Sonnen. He is MMA's undisputed king of trash talk. Other fighters can be mean, but Sonnen tells a story every time he opens his mouth, and he makes you laugh.

Sonnen has revolutionized the sport of MMA. He has infused comedy and original interviews into the sport and brought a professional wrestling vibe to the UFC, all while talking trash like Muhammad Ali and Ric Flair.

Sonnen grew up on professional wrestling, so he understands what it takes to create a character and build a fan base. It's a trait that is so desperately needed among other MMA fighters.

Sonnen's targets over the years have included Anderson Silva, Michael Bisping, Vitor Belfort, Wanderlei Silva, The Nogueira Brothers, Jon Jones, Brock Lesnar and countless others who got on his bad side. Sonnen seems to have a special place in his heart for the Brazilian fighters, especially those named "Silva." He doesn't have a whole lot of respect for non-fighters, particularly those holding microphones.

Expect Sonnen to continue to run his mouth. He's 36-years old, but determined to one day be a world champion. Sonnen isn't slowing down as he ages. With a few fights left inside him and a big future as a cageside analyst, he is just getting started. Here's a look at some of Sonnen's best verbal jabs in the past few years. Thankfully, we know there's a lot more to come.

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5. Chael Sonnen Punks Anderson Silva And The Nogueira Brothers

Photo Courtesy Chael Sonnen -- Official Facebook Page

"He's got a black belt under the Nogueira brothers. I think a black belt under the Nogueira brothers is like saying 'I got a free toy in my happy meal.' I don't really understand what the big deal is; one of them is a punching bag and the other one I just ignore. He's really irrelevant."

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4. Chael Sonnen Owns Wanderlei Silva At UFC Fight Night

Photo Courtesy Wanderlei Silva -- Official Facebook Page

"Now, right here on the UFC’s new home, FOX Sports 1, Wanderlei Silva, 6-feet tall, 205 pounds, boy until I met you, I didn’t know they stacked c--- that high!"

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3. Chael Sonnen Gives Joe Rogan A Reality Check

Joe Rogan
Joe Camporeale -- USA TODAY Sports

"Whoa, whoa, whoa I will let you know when I’m done Joe. I just got done with a world champion, if you think I want to add a middle-aged comedian just for the goddamn pleasure of it, you better think again!"

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2. Chael Sonnen Walks All Over The Silvas

Bigfoot Silva
Photo Courtesy Antonio Silva Official Facebook Page

"I want an easy fight. Anderson Silva, Wanderlei Silva. Either of the Silvas. Bigfoot Silva. They all suck. Gimme a Silva."

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1. Chael Sonnen Obliterates UFC Champ Jon Jones

Jon Jones
Photo Courtesy Chael Sonnen -- Official Facebook Page

Over. Done. Thank you, Jon. You may leave.

Sonnen served this menu item up at his Oregon restaurant after Jones refused to fight him on eight days' notice. The sign was a play on Jones' DUI arrest and conviction. Even though he failed miserably when he eventually fought Jones for the title, Sonnen undoubtedly whipped Jones in the verbal battle.