UFC Fight Night: Carlos Condit vs Martin Kampmann 2 Prediction

By Jatinder Dhoot
Eric Bolte-USA Today Sports

A rematch from 2009 takes place this Wednesday when Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann fight at UFC Fight Night in Indianapolis. The first fight was a close split decision for Kampmann, who was victorious in Condit’s UFC debut. Now these seasoned UFC vets will tangle again and it will be interesting to see how far they’ve progressed in the four-plus years since they first met. Here’s a look into how it’ll go down.


Kampmann is very technical striker who stays extremely composed and relaxed when executing technique. He’s accurate and effective. Condit has a fast and diverse attack with punches, kicks, and flying knees. The edge in power goes to Condit, but overall it’s a fairly close standup battle. Will go back and forth during the fight.

Edge: Slight edge to Condit based on power


Kampann is the only fighter of the two likely to threaten with takedowns. Condit is content with staying on the feet and trying to score a knockout; that’s something he’s very talented it. But Kampmann does mix up his game well and keep his opponents guessing if he’s going to strike or go for takedowns. He has a good trip takedown from the clinch and we might see him score one or two of those in the fight, unless Condit and his team have totally neutralized that now after reviewing tape from their first fight.

Edge: Kampmann


Again, Condit is not a fighter who generally tries to finish via submissions. Condit has submission wins on his record, did take Kampmann’s back briefly during their first contest and went for a guillotine in the dying seconds of the fight, but Condit prefers attacking with strikes. Even when Johny Hendricks took down Condit in their fight at UFC 158, it was Condit who was fighting furiously off his back with punches and elbows, not submissions. And amazingly Condit did a great job of out-striking Hendricks from his back during a certain portion of that fight on the floor. But it will be Kampmann who will threaten with subs in this fight and mostly with chokes. He is dangerous with these at any point in the fight.

Edge: Kampmann


I’ve been really impressed with how strong Condit’s cardio is. He seems to get stronger as the fight goes on. Nonetheless, Kampmann doesn’t fade either in hard and grueling fights. He pushes forward with fury until the last bell. Overall, it’s a fairly close fitness level for both welterweights.

Edge: Even


Kampmann always surprises me and is such a durable and crafty veteran of the game. I sense this fight will be another close battle, but I feel that Condit’s edge in power will be enough to sway the judges in his favor. Nobody will get finished, but there will be moments where it will be close with strikes and submissions. It will go the distance but there will not be an extremely easy answer as to who won. In the end it may just be another split between the judges.

Winner: Condit by decision

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