UFC: Carlos Condit Gives Johny Hendricks A Chance Against Georges St Pierre

By Jeremy Green
Johny Hendricks UFC
Eric Bolte-USA Today Sports

Johny Hendricks is set to take on Georges St. Pierre for the welterweight title at UFC 167, a title that has been held by GSP for many years now. Despite being an underdog in the bout, many fighters, and media, give Hendricks a great shot at dethroning GSP, who is considered to be, pound-for-pound, one of the greatest fighters ever.

One fighter, in particular, who thinks Hendricks has the ability to defeat GSP is Carlos Condit, who actually faced GSP for the welterweight championship. In an interview with Yahoo!Sports, Condit shared his thoughts about the upcoming welterweight title bout:

“I think Johny Hendricks has a puncher’s chance. He’s obviously a big puncher. He’s got the power to make it a short night for GSP, but I feel like GSP is going to out-technique Johny Hendricks.”

If Hendricks can indeed land on GSP, which he has done on many opponents, we may have a new UFC welterweight champ. However, GSP has only shown a chink in his armor one time, when he faced Matt Serra, who was able to make GSP tap to strikes. Since that point, he has been unstoppable, often taking his opponents out of their element, whether it’s on the feet or ground.

Looking at what Condit said, Hendricks does have the power; he may be one of the most powerful punchers in the UFC. However, he shouldn’t rely on this power, as more often than not, when fighters look for just knockout blows, they end up losing a decision. This is highly possible against GSP, who has won a decision against his last six opponents. GSP is one of the most well-rounded fighters in the world, so Hendricks will need to have a solid game plan, and not just rely on his power, to come out the victor.

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