UFC: Anthony Pettis' 'Showtime Kick' Made Ben Henderson A Better Fighter

By Jeremy Green
Ben Henderson UFC
Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

One of the most iconic moves ever performed inside a cage was delivered by Anthony Pettis. Coming into his bout with Ben Henderson, it was well known that Pettis was a flash, dynamic striker, but the move he pulled out in the final round surprised the entire MMA community. Pettis was able to run up the side of the cage, and then land a right kick to the face of Henderson.

The kick is deemed ‘The Showtime Kick,’ and Pettis was able to secure a WEC lightweight belt because of it. Since that epic night under the WEC promotion, Henderson has grown tremendously as a fighter. It was clear that the loss motivated him to become a better fighter, as he was able to put together a seven fight win streak.

Even more impressive, he was able to become the new UFC lightweight champion after defeating Frankie Edgar. To date, he has over three title defenses under his belt, and he is becoming a pound-for-pound great. Henderson has been able to use his size and strength to dominate his opponents on the mat, and his dynamic kicking game has helped him edge out his competitors.

Pettis has also grown since the WEC days. At first, he suffered a setback loss to Clay Guida, but since that point, he has looked unstoppable as a striker. Now, Pettis has the chance to fight Henderson again, only this time it will be for the UFC lightweight belt. Regardless of the outcome, Henderson has grown tremendously as a fighter, and has a great chance of redeeming himself when he squares off with Pettis.

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