UFC 164: Ben Henderson vs. Anthony Pettis Preview

By Jeremy Green
Anthony Pettis UFC
David Banks-USA Today Sports

An amazing lightweight championship fight will go down this weekend in Milwaukee between Ben Henderson and Anthony Pettis. This will be a rematch of epic proportions. In their first meeting, which took place under the WEC banner, Henderson was the champ.

He was a great fighter in the WEC, and put on a war with Pettis. It was literally all even up until the final round where Pettis was able to land a kick off the cage, now forever known as the ” Showtime Kick”, that sent Henderson to the canvas. Pettis was awarded the belt, and he was the last ever WEC lightweight champion.

Fast forward to today. Henderson is the UFC champ. He has been able to use his wrestling and dynamic kicks to win fight after fight. Now, he gets the chance to avenge the loss to Pettis, and Pettis will be looking to prove he has the skills to do it again.

Since their first meeting, Henderson has shown improvements in his grappling. He is one of the bigger lightweights in the division, and his well-rounded game has beem sharpened over the years. Pettis has also improved as a fighter, and he is one of the best finishers in the division.

He’s also able to showcase unorthodox moves that have a high finishing rate. He could be the most flashiest striker in all of UFC. People have counted his ground game out as he lost to Clay Guida by getting taken down and held down. However, training with Ben Askren certainly has enhanced his takedown defense, making this an evenly-matched championship bout.

It should be a great scrap that will determine who the best lightweight on the planet is.

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