Frank Mir's Legacy, Career At Stake Against Josh Barnett at UFC 164

By Joshua Molina
Tom Szczerbowski — USA TODAY Sports

Frank Mir is a UFC guy. He’s a legend. He’s a company man. Mir will one day be in the UFC Hall of Fame.

Still, Mir better figure out a way to win Saturday night at UFC 164 against Josh Barnett, otherwise he could find himself out of a job. Mir is coming off two bad losses, one by KO to Junior Dos Santos and the other a lopsided decision to Daniel Cormier.

Mir is one of those guys who always surprises. He seems to come through when no one things he can do it. His career is full of stunning victories, over guys like Brock Lesnar, Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Mirko Filipović.

Mir needs another big-time miracle. Can he do it? He’s going up against another legend in Barnett, who fought for the UFC, left for a few years and now is back. Barnett is not an easy guy to beat. He’s huge, strong and unconventional in his offense. Mir, a submission specialist, will have a  tough time submitting Barnett, who has never tapped out.

Mir will need to take some big chances against Barnett, chances he did not take against Cormier. Mir cannot fight safe in this fight because he will lose a decision or get submitted himself.

The other major challenge Mir faces is that the fact that he’s fighting Barnett, who will want to make a big debut in the UFC after his long layoff. He will want to win big and a KO or submission victory over Mir will push Barnett into the title picture against UFC Heavyweight Champion Cain Velasquez.

Mir, at this point, isn’t fighting for titles anymore. He’s fighting for his legacy. A loss to Barnett could mean the end of a stellar career. A win would cement him as an all-time UFC great.

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