UFC Needs Herschel Walker

By Joshua Molina
Daniel Shirey — USA TODAY Sports

One of the many unfortunate consequences of the demise of Strikeforce was the end of the career of uber-athlete Herschel Walker.

Walker, the former NFL and college football superstar, was 2-0 for Strikeforce when the UFC purchased the company and subsequently ran it into the ground. UFC President Dana White was never high on Walker, once saying, “Who the f**k are they going to find to fight Herschel Walker? A guy in a wheelchair?”

He might be right about most 51-year-olds, but Walker is different. He’s always been an exceptional athlete. Known for eating only one meal and doing a gazillion push-ups every day, Walker is somewhat of a alien in that he’s sort of out of this world.

Walker never looked spectacular in the cage, but he looked competent and way better than he should have for a guy who at that time was 48 years old. How far could he have gone? Who knows? Stranger things have happened. Old guys can fight and old guys who at one time were among the greatest athletes in the world are always viable.

Strikeforce and the executives at Showtime were behind Walker. They believed in him both as a spectacle and as a person. Walker likely never would have beaten a top Strikeforce heavyweight, but we will never now because the UFC killed that possibility.

The UFC needs someone who can increase the connection with the mainstream and Walker could have been that guy. If nothing else, if White thinks Walker is so helpless, how about a dream fight between White and Walker? I wonder who would be in a wheelchair after that fight?

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