Where Does Ben Henderson Go From Here?

By Kevin Davidson
Ben Henderson
Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Ben Henderson. That guy just cannot catch a break. He shoots up through the UFC’s Lightweight Division, fights Frankie Edgar twice to silence critics, dominates Nate Diaz, beats Gilbert Melendez and people still do not like him. He then finally gets his rematch with the man who took his belt in the WEC and gets submitted in the first round. To put in bluntly; it probably does not feel good to be Henderson today.

Hopefully, he uses this loss to hit the gym harder than ever. He should not look back, but look forward and see what he can do. I’ve heard some crazy opinions on what is in store for him; everything from going up in weight to demanding an immediate rematch. Henderson is still the second best guy in the Lightweight division, which means he is getting a tough fight as soon as possible.

One matchup that really intrigued me was a fight with Josh Thomson. Thomson is coming off a big win over Nate Diaz and is creating a lot of controversy with his social-media messages. It could be a great fight and could really get both fighters another big fight to see where they stand in the division. Another good fight could be brought up between the winner of Diego Sanchez and Gilbert Melendez. A Sanchez fight would be absolutely insane to see; both fighters, durable, athletic, aggressive. It could be a really fun fight to watch. The bottom line is, Henderson needs to back to the gym. He needs to dust himself off and needs to get back in the octagon and make a statement.

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