Is Team Alpha Male the Team of the Year?

By Kevin Davidson
joseph benavidez
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

What happens when you take a group of extremely talented wrestlers and teach them how to punch? That group goes 13 straight wins, that’s what. It’s pretty funny that camps are usually overlooked in the lead up to a fight. Since fighting is really mental, you never hear a fighter saying that he had a bad camp before the fight; it’s usually only after the fight that he, or she, will come out and really describe how their camp went. With all of the camps that there are in the UFC, it’s hard to see where camps are really making improvements.

Greg Jackson is probably the most popular, and polarizing, coach in MMA right now. We have seen him train champion after champion and have that champion be dominant, with everyone from Rashad Evans to Jon Jones to Georges St. Pierre. Jackson is a master of game plans and a master at executing them, however, he has been criticized for not wanting some of his fighters finish fights. Most fans seem to think that he would rather the fighter play it safe and win a decision. However, that has not been the case with Team Alpha Male. Ever since they hired ex-UFC fighter Duane “Bang” Ludwig to be their coach, the improvements have been huge.

I’m actually surprise that more people are not making a big deal out of this, because it is truly amazing. Everyone has a puncher’s chance in the fickle world of MMA, but not when fighting a member of Team Alpha Male. Ludwig has truly taken their entire team to a new height, and has instilled confidence in their strikings, which has been proven by their fighters. Fighters like Urijah Faber, Joseph Benavidez and Chad Mendes have been scoring stoppages this entire year and are all extremely close to a title shot because of it. Ludwig has only been the coach for a little over a year; I can’t wait to see the results in the next two years.

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