UFC Champ Jon Jones Should Tattoo Proverbs 11:2 On His Body

By Joshua Molina
Brad Penner — USA TODAY Sports

UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones is doing his best again to convince fans not to order one of his fights.

Jones is going around telling the media that he’s on a different level than Anderson Silva (wasn’t Silva supposed to be the untouchable, pound-for-pound great like three months ago?) and that he and his UFC 165 opponent Alexander Gustafsson have “absolutely nothing in common,” other than they are both tall and 26-years old.

Jones is sort of the modern-day librarian version of Mike Tyson. The former heavyweight great used to crush his opponents, Ronda Rousey-style. Inside the ring, he was a terror, almost literally rolling men’s eyes back into their heads with massive left and right hooks.

But on the microphone, at least pre-Evander Holyfield days, Tyson was soft-spoken, calm and likable. People wanted to see him fight because he was a 5-foot-10 kid from the New York Catskills who was scarier than the Bogeyman, but had a humble demeanor with a soft, high voice.

Jones, on the other hand, is just plain boring, condescending, and sometimes mean. He touts The Bible and has Phillipians 4:13 tattooed on his chest, but he clearly skipped the scriptures about being humble. For his next tattoo, maybe he should place Proverbs 11:2 on back: When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with the humble is wisdom.

Like a lot of young people, Jones is super confident and acts like he is invincible. But like a lot of older people know, no one is invincible. On any given Saturday, any fighter can beat another fighter. Gustafsson may not pose the  biggest threat to Jones on paper, but you just never know.

Anderson Silva, down. Remember how confident he was? Benson Henderson, down. Remember how he wanted to break a title defense streak? Is Jones next? Probably  not, but his day will come, and probably a lot sooner than he thinks.

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