UFC 165: Alexander Gustafsson Needs Early Bombs To Defeat Jon Jones

By Joshua Molina
Mark J. Rebilas — USA TODAY Sports

The guy who beats UFC’s Jon Jones is probably going to be a guy who rushes him, closes the distances, and knocks him out with an uppercut.

That’s easier said than done, but most men won’t be able to stand with him from the outside. He’s simply too long and strong. That’s why his fight with Alexander Gustafsson at UFC 165 will be a unique challenge for the 26-year-old genetic phenom. Both fighters like to fight from the distance, and then use their reach and length to overpower opponents.

This fight will come down to who is faster, who’s more athletic and who scrambles the best when they inevitably lock up. Jones has the advantage in all those categories.

The first guy to beat Jones probably won’t win a tactical battle. He won’t pull of a five-round upset decision. The reason Jones has been so successful so far is that most fighters who fight him are afraid to push the action. They want to hang with him, tire him out, and then try to submit him or win on points.

If Gustafsson expects to upset Jones, he will need to literally charge the better fighter and force Jones into a slugfest. He needs to rough Jones up, hit him in the face, the chest and kick him in the thighs. Gustafsson will need to go for broke. He can’t win a standup fight where he trades punches and kicks. Jones will knock him out in dramatic fashion if he tries to do that.

The only way Gustafsson can defeat Jones is if he runs at him, shocks him, and tries to knock him out early. If he were a  NFL quarterback, he needs the Peyton Manning hurry-up offense from the shotgun on first down, and throw a bomb into the end zone. Bam, 7-0.

The longer this fight goes, the greater the chances Jones walks away with his gold.

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