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5 Awesome Miesha Tate Comments About Ronda Rousey

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5 Wild Things Miesha Tate Has Said About Ronda Rousey

Jayne Kamin-Oncea -- USA TODAY Sports

Okay, now it's getting good. Are we seeing a double turn? Is Miesha Tate turning babyface as Ronda Rousey turns heel? So far in the beginning of The Ultimate Fighter, Rousey comes across a lot more self-absorbed than Tate. By the time the two fight, Tate might have the public on her side. The Rousey-Tate feud goes back to 2011, when Tate was champion and Rousey talked her way into a title shot. Tate was supposed to defend against Sarah Kaufman, but Strikeforce promoter Scott Coker instead gave the shot to Rousey, who had been asking for a title shot after arm-barring four straight opponents in less than a minute. Rousey, to most straight men, had a lot more sex appeal than the Canadian Kaufman. Strikeforce was desperately trying to boost ratings at the time, and Coker was smart enough at the time to see that Rousey and Tate was good for business. So Tate made the mistake of believing Rousey was all lipstick and no action.

She was wrong. Rousey nearly took Tate's arm home with her that night. In less than five minutes, Rousey applied two armbars, forcing Tate to reluctantly tap out. Had Rousey been a master of the rear-naked choke, Tate no doubt would have passed out before tapping out to Rousey. The loss sent Tate into a major funk. She didn't fight for a long time and when she got back into the cage, she barely came back from the brink of defeat to beat Julie Kedzie via armbar submission. In her next fight, Tate took on Cat Zingano and has been blaming the loss on referee Kim Winslow ever since. Weekly television has brought Tate out of her bad mood and now she seems to enjoy the spotlight. Between then and now, she has said a lot of things about Rousey. Will she regret it again? Will Rousey make her eat her words? Probably. But until then, Tate can be the champion, at least when it comes to insults.

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5. Ronda Rousey Can't Stand With Me

Gary Bartram -- USA TODAY Sports

"I think Ronda likes to believe her striking is something special. She might look better on the mitts than when she first began MMA, but she's still so afraid to get hit, it's clear with how desperate she bull rushes for takedowns she wants no part of the stand-up game. She won't want to stand with me."

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4. Miesha Tate Believes Ronda Rousey Is Bad For Women's MMA

Jayne Kamin-Oncea -- USA TODAY Sports

"I just don't think she sees the big picture. If she did, I don't believe she'd feel okay about how she's talked her way into a title fight. In my opinion, Ronda's a very selfish person. She's more concerned with what's good for Ronda than what's good for women's MMA."

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3. Miesha Tate Considers Suicide If She Loses To Ronda Rousey Again

Jayne Kamin-Oncea -- USA TODAY Sports

"I will seriously shoot myself in the face before I leave that cage if she armbars me again. It can’t happen."

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2. Miesha Tate Says Ronda Rousey Doesn't Have the Experience To Hang With Her

Gary Bartram -- USA TODAY Sports

"I’m coming out with a lot of fury and pent-up emotion. I know I have to keep my cool and I can’t be overzealous. I have the experience advantage in this fight and I’m going to pick my shots and make the ones I throw count. I want to frustrate her and break her will because I believe I’m one of the most mentally tough people in this sport. I don’t think she can hang with me in that regard. She doesn’t have the experience and she doesn’t understand the game because she hasn’t been around it long enough. I want to make her wish she never called me out and make sure she never wants to fight me again."

(Tate made these comments in the lead-up to the first fight in 2012. That didn't work out the way she planned).

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1. Miesha Tate Believes Ronda Rousey's Crazy And That She Can't Keep A Man

Gary Vasquez -- USA TODAY Sports

"I just think Ronda's so crazy, you guys will see when the show (The Ultimate Fighter) comes out, that I assume she can't keep a man around for any period of time, so I would imagine she's probably pretty jealous that both Bryan (Caraway) and I are successfully fighting in the UFC and going on seven years, so she can't keep him out of her mouth."