Floyd Mayweather Gives A Boxing Lesson In Dominating Win

By Lucas Carreras

In a sport where many suddenly “lose” it and get old overnight, Floyd Mayweather showed no signs of either of that happening as he improved to 45 wins, zero losses and zero draws with a dominating Majority Decision win over Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. It was a fight which was a bigger blowout than any of the three scoring cards had it, especially much more lopsided than the disgraceful 114-114 draw on the card of judge CJ Ross who should no longer be judging.

What made Floyd Mayweather’s performance such a pleasure to watch was not only the fact that he won, it was the fact that in the process of being so dominant, he gave Canelo Alvarez a boxing lesson that he will never forget. To quote a tweet from renowned and respected boxing writer Steve Kim of Maxboxing.com, while Canelo was doing algebra, Floyd was doing trigonometry. It all began in the first round where Floyd laid the foundation for his dominating performance by fainting Canelo with jabs to get an idea of Canelo’s aggresiveness and speed of Canelo’s punches.

There in after, Floyd continued to dominant the fight by using jabbing with his left and then throwing a right-hand cross in the majority of his two-punch combinations while Canelo got suckered into keeping distance early on and leaving himself exposed to getting tagged with Floyd’s combinations. From the sixth round on, Floyd began to use Canelo’s frustration and relative inexperience in big fights against him by either lulling Canelo to the ropes and tagging Canelo with jabs to the head or if Canelo caught Floyd against the ropes, frustrating Canelo by shoulder rolling Canelo’s punches.

In the end, independent of the ridiculous scorecards, which do not accurately reflect what actually took place, Floyd Mayweather turned in one of the best performances of his career in defeating Canelo Alvarez. In the end, age did play a role but not in the way many thought it would. In this case, it was the older, better, more seasoned fighter in Floyd Mayweather showing the young, improving Canelo Alvarez that while Canelo might have a Bachelor’s degree, Floyd holds a Doctorate in boxing and he showed why this was the case.

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