Floyd Mayweather Outboxes Canelo Alvarez and Proves He's Still The Best

By Jeremy Green

Fans were waiting in anticipation for one of the best boxing matches in recent history. Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs. Canelo Alvarez was pegged as being one of the greatest fights of the year, and the fight lived up to expectations. Both Canelo and Mayweather fought down to the wire, but ultimately, it was Mayweather’s elusiveness and ability to avoid the power punches that helped him come out on top, earning a majority decision.

In each round, Mayweather was able to showcase his brilliant defensive tactics; he was using the shoulder roll and then letting combinations go that landed flush on Canelo. Canelo seemed measured in his pace, which didn’t benefit him, as Mayweather kept on scoring each round. In the latter rounds, it seemed like Canelo was slowing down and Mayweather turned up the pace. It was an impressive decision-win for Mayweather, bringing his record to an unbeaten 45-0.

Tonight, Mayweather proved once again why he’s considered the best pound-for-pound boxer in the world right now, and even at an age of 36, he doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Mayweather has yet to be seriously tested as of late, and it’s incredible to see him use his fighting intelligence and superior technique to lead him to victory time and time again.

So what’s next for Mayweather? He more than likely will be going back down to the welterweight division, where a bout with Danny Garcia, who is also unbeaten and won tonight, makes a lot of sense for him this point in his career. Whoever Mayweather faces, it’s apparent that he still has a lot left in the gas tank, and he put on a brilliant display of boxing techniques tonight against Canelo.


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