The Wandering Career of Andrei Arlovski

By Kevin Davidson
andrei arlovski
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Andrei “The Pitbull” Arlovski is one scary guy. I just wanted everyone to know that. He was one of the first undersized heavyweights to really utilize crisp boxing with insane speed to catch the bigger guys. It was always something cool to watch. Not to mention, he used to have some of the best entrances ever. Seriously, go find his entrance from one of his UFC fights. Absolutely terrifying.

That’s neither here nor there though. The truth of the matter is that Arlovski has spent his career bumping around different organizations trying to fight the best competition. That is commendable, but not the best career path.

Arlovski was, at one time, the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion. He even defended the belt, but after his contract expired, he chose not to re-sign with the organization. He then signed with the Affliction organization. He won his first two fights by knockout, and then fought Fedor Emelianenko, which resulted in Arlovski getting knocked out in midair by getting punched while attempting a flying knee.

After that, Arlovski went on a slump. He lost four in a row and many people were calling for his retirement and thought that he lost his ability to take a punch.

This slump made Arlovski switch camps to Greg Jackson. It seems to have paid off. He is now 3-1 with that loss coming to Anthony Johnson. Arlovski is now campaigning extremely hard to get back in the UFC. It’s just strange that he is now campaigning to get back into an organization that he wanted out of.

Arlovski has really fought anywhere he could. It now seems that he wants to fight the best, like he has his whole career. Unfortunately for him, the best is in the UFC and he has yet to be invited back.

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