B.J. Penn Makes Smart Decision In Training With Jose Aldo

By Jeremy Green
B.J. Penn UFC
Joe Nicholson-USA Today Sports

B.J. Penn is set to coach against Frankie Edgar on the next season of The Ultimate Fighter, which has the makings to be a classic series. After the show, both fighters will fight each other at featherweight, where Edgar has already made the division his home.

This will be Penn’s first time at featherweight, and it looks like Penn has decided to revamp his training methods as he has decided to train with current featherweight champ, Jose Aldo. Aldo has a lot of experience as a champion, and he is arguably the top pound-for-pound fighter on the planet right now. Even more, Aldo has fought Edgar in the past, so he has a good blueprint in terms of defeating him.

In the Edgar fight, Aldo was able to land some devastating leg kicks, forcing Edgar to be more hesitant with his striking. Aldo was also able to defend Edgar’s takedowns quite well, which is probably the most important aspect of training that Penn will need to learn from Aldo.

Aldo is so good at his takedown defense that few fighters ever have the chance to get on top of him, most notably being Mark Hominick in the fifth round of their title fight. If Penn can beef up his takedown defense, he has a great shot at beating Edgar, as Penn has always been a dynamic striker and grappler.

The only chink in Penn’s amour has been his wrestling and cardio. Moving down to featherweight almost forces Penn to get in shape — otherwise, he won’t be able to make the weight in the first place.

So, does training with Aldo increase Penn’s chances at defeating Edgar for the first time?

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