Renan Barao Is a Silent Champion

By Kevin Davidson
Renan Barao
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

The fans have yet to truly embrace a champion as their own. Every current champion right now has gripes against them. Georges St. Pierre does not finish fights, Jose Aldo needs to move up in weight, Jon Jones is cocky, etc. One name that you barely hear is Renan Barao. I suppose he flies under the radar because he is not truly the undisputed champion; he is, regrettably, the interim champion. Still, his name has not popped-up in the spotlight unless fight day is two weeks away and the UFC is pushing for more press. I got to you people; I love it.

Barao has consistently down-played questions about future fights, choosing to talk solely about his opponent at the time. He does not call people out; he has always said that he will fight whoever the UFC puts in front of him. All I can say is: it is about time. Barao is unique in this aspect, he is a person who is not shy in front of the camera, but chooses to stay away from the spotlight. He goes out there and either submits or knockouts contenders, then puts his shirt back on and leaves. He is just a scrapper.

The UFC should be thankful that they have a champion like this. They have outspoken fighters at every corner. It is refreshing to see a silent warrior walk into the octagon, hit some guy in the teeth until the fight is over, then leave. He lets his actions speak for him, he does not come off cocky, he gives praise when needed and overall seems like a humble person. I understand that the sport needs the brash and outspoken athletes, but seeing Barao fight and then make no noise when he leaves is just a refreshing sight.

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