5 Fighters Who Would Defeat UFC Champ Jon Jones

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5 Fighters Who Would Defeat Jon Jones

Tom Szczerbowski -- USA TODAY Sports

Get over it, Jon. You are not the best in the world. You bleed just like everyone else. Based on UFC 165, you aren't even the best light heavyweight in the world.

Jones got away with a decision against Alexander Gustafsson Saturday night, in one of the worst big-time MMA fight decisions in a long time. Let's give credit where credit is due. Jones fought hard Saturday night and survived the beating that Gustafsson put on him. A lesser fighter would have been knocked out. But Jones survived through the fifth round and was able to do a lot of his own damage with vicious elbows and kicks. But he didn't win the fight. No way.

Even in so-called defeat, Gustafsson was able to expose some of Jones' weaknesses. Clearly he can be taken down. He's prone to cuts. He does bleed. Jones' next few opponents will watch the Gustafsson fight over and over to learn how to beat Jones. The next guy might not beat him, but sooner rather than later, someone is going to knock out or submit Jones.

Who will it be? Many guys can now study the fight and learn from Gustafsson. Yes, Gustafsson was successful because he was able to keep Jones away with his long reach, but what he really exposed was that someone who is willing to trade punches with Jones might actually be able to knock him out. Fear is usually any fighter's biggest obstacle. It will be hard for most fighters to fear Jones anymore after seeing what Gustafsson did to him Saturday night. Any number of top fighters will now be able to give Jones a run for his money and the following five guys would probably take his title.

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5. Daniel Cormier

Kyle Terada -- USA TODAY Sports

He's an Olympic-level athlete. He's called Jones out. He's coming for you, Jon.

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4. Glover Teixeira

Jason Silva -- USA TODAY Sports

A master striker and skilled on the ground, Glover Teixeira now has a blueprint for how to beat Jones. He's got a ton of momentum, is fearless and is regarded as one of the best light heavyweights in the world. He's going up in his career and Jones, well, he got a lot older at UFC 165.

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3. Gegard Mousasi

Jason Silva -- USA TODAY Sports

The former Strikeforce light heavyweight champion is probably the best fighter you have never heard of. With cobra-like striking and the calmness and poise of tiger sneaking up on its prey, Mousasi is one of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world. Mousasi would probably have left Strikeforce as the light heavyweight champion had not got taken to wrestling school one night by King Mo Lawal. But even in that fight, Mousasi showed poise and maturity. He learned from the loss and then overwhelmed another great wrestler, Ovince St-Preux later on in his career. Mousasi has never been knocked out and if he ever locked up with the Jones, Mousasi would probably finish what Alexander Gustafsson started.

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2. Chris Weidman

Jayne Kamin-Oncea --USA TODAY Sports

Chris Weidman has already destroyed one pound-for-pound great. Weidman would totally do the same to Jones, even if Jones is in a higher weight class. With a fire in his heart and world-class skill set, Weidman could take Jones down and ground and pound him. There's no real way to explain the kind of maturity that comes with upsetting Anderson Silva. Even if Silva wins a rematch, Weidman has become a big-time play with his victory over the Brazilian. He wouldn't be intimidated by Jones and if Alexander Gustafsson could take Jones down Weidman would have little trouble.

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1: Alexander Gustafsson

Tom Szczerbowski -- USA TODAY Sports

He already beat Jon Jones. Whatever judges.