The Machiavellian Mind of Nate Diaz

By Kevin Davidson
Nate Diaz
Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

You love him. You hate him. You’re indifferent to his brand of mid-fight trash talk and just like to see good fights. No matter who you are, you have an opinion on Nate Diaz. He is one polarizing figure. His no-handshake, “everyone is an enemy” style of fighting and publicity is not what we are used to see. We are not used to seeing it because it is real; or is it?

Would it be so far out of the question that Diaz is just a publicity genius? It’s hard to say but I do have a theory on this. To start, when Diaz first started fighting, he did not want any part of the cameras. He hated to give interviews, he hated trying to hype a fight and he especially hated taking time off of training to do all of the publicity. Do I think that Diaz still feels the same way? Yes, I do. However, I think Diaz has seen a cut or two of some pay-per-views and he did not mind that at all.

I think that Diaz still hates the publicity, but he now understands that it is all part of the game. That is why he tweeted that he would not make the fight with Gray Maynard because he would be too busy at a High School reunion. Diaz probably thought it was a funny answer and tweeted it out. Next thing you know, he is all over mixed-marital-arts news and now has given the fight a little more interest. Is Diaz finally starting to play the hype game? Yes he is, but he is playing it the Nate Diaz way.

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