UFC: Why Doesn't Jon Jones Want An Immediate Rematch With Alexander Gustafsson?

By Jeremy Green
Jon Jones UFC
Tom Szczerbowski-USA Today Sports

Jon Jones is coming off a huge win against Alexander Gustafsson, a win that took him to the brink. Jones was able to walk away the winner, which was predicated on his ability to land harder shots in the latter rounds. Now, Jones is looking to recover and get back to defending his light heavyweight belt, but who does he face next?

The clear answer is Gustafsson, as he is the only man to really test Jones both standing and on the ground. Yet, Jones doesn’t feel Gustafsson deserves the rematch, as he felt he did win the bout clearly. This news comes from MMA Fighting:

According to a report on Wednesday’s edition of UFC Tonight, Jones initially believed an immediate rematch against Gustafsson would be the fairest outcome. However, after re-watching the fight “over 10 times,” Jones believes he decisively beat Gustafsson for at least three rounds, scoring rounds two, four and five for himself.

Coming out of UFC 165, Jones was battered and bloodied, and he even had to make a trip to the hospital. How could he not want a rematch with the man that truly tested him inside the cage? Is he scared of losing his title?

Actually, it’s more likely that he simply feels that he’s conquered one mountain, and wants another challenge to add to his hit list in the division. Even though Jones doesn’t want the rematch, the report on UFC Tonight did state that Jones would welcome a rematch if asked by Dana White and company.

If the UFC decides to go another route for whatever reason, Glover Teixeira, who has five straight wins inside the UFC, would be the next foe. Jones may want to test himself against the likes of Glover, but it might have fans in an uproar as a Gustafsson rematch is likely on the mind of every MMA fan right now.

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