Jon Jones Should Demand Immediate Alexander Gustafsson UFC Title Rematch

By Joshua Molina
Tom Szczerbowski — USA TODAY Sports

When it comes to sportsmanship, Jon Jones could learn a lot from Alexander Gustafsson.

In the days since the epic war between the two fighters a week ago, Gustafsson has been an entirely good guy, taking full responsibility for not getting the decision against Jones.

He said he that he should have finished Jones if he wanted to take the title and that he needs to work harder so he will be better next time. He posed in pictures with Jones looking like a friend, not a foe.  He never really complained about the decision, which many observers believe could have gone either way.

Jones on the other hand? He’s been nothing but, well, Jon Jones.

He claims that he was only 70 percent in his fight with Gustafsson. He said he believes he decisively won most of the rounds. He said Gustafsson doesn’t deserve an immediate title shot, and that he would rather fight Glover Teixeira.

Jones needs to man up. He should be screaming at the top of his lungs that he wants to fight Gustafsson again and that Gustafsson deserves the title shot for his epic performance. Jones should acknowledge that a lot of people believe Gustafsson won the fight and that he wants to prove to the world that he is the better fighter and leave nothing to the judges.

Instead, we get Jones telling everybody that the fight wasn’t close and that he wasn’t 100 percent. That’s not good sportsmanship. Jones only makes himself look silly and insecure by refusing to give Gustafsson the credit he deserves for nearly taking his title.

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