Latest Flare-Up Shows That It's Time For Chael Sonnen vs. Wanderlei Silva

By Joshua Molina
Winslow Townson — USA TODAY Sports

Wanderlei Silva is determined to pick a fight with Chael Sonnen. The ax-murderer rushed Sonnen at this weekend’s Mr. Olympia event in Las Vegas. The two exchanged some loud words and then had to be broken apart.

These two need to throw it down inside the cage. Sonnen is coming off a spectacular victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua and has some momentum behind him first time in two years. Silva is still a force. Just when everyone counts him out, he surprises people with a stunning knockout.

The bad blood between Silva and Sonnen runs deep. Like a good, old-fashioned pro wrestling angle, these guys are taking part in a slow, suspenseful build of a good story. Sonnen has made a career of sorts badmouthing Silva and his home country of Brazil. Silva clearly doesn’t have a sense of humor and has taken Sonnen’s insults too seriously.

Sonnen enjoys starting fires as a way of drawing attention to his fights. Silva is falling directly into Sonnen’s trap.

The UFC should sign this fight sometime in 2014. This could be an excellent TV main event featuring two fighters at the end of their careers looking to prove to one another and the world that he is more man than the other. This fight would be one round of pure havoc. Silva would be looking for a massive KO. Sonnen would attempt to take Silva down and wrestle him for a decision victory or submit him.

After years of trash-talking, it’s time to for these two legends to fight and settle the war.

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