Mark Munoz Can Beat Lyoto Machida

By Kevin Davidson
Mark Munoz
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Mark Munoz has the opportunity of a lifetime coming up, as he is the person that is going to welcome Lyoto Machida to the Middleweight division. That is something special, and something that no one saw coming. Munoz was supposed to fight Michael Bisping on Oct. 26, but Bisping pulled out of the fight due to an injury and Machida was tapped to take the fight.

Machida comes into this fight with a bit of a question mark surrounding the fighter. The public has never seen Machida at Middleweight and has no idea how the weight cut will affect him, but everyone is extremely excited to see him test the waters when he will be fighting small guys. Munoz, on the other hand, has a huge opportunity in front of him. This could really be the signature win that he needs to get back into title contention. It is no surprise that Munoz is going to want to wrestle Machida and just beat him up on the ground.

This is going to be harder than it sounds, because Machida is extremely elusive. Munoz is relentless, however, and it is his relentlessness that will be the determining factor in this fight. If Munoz figures out how to cut Machida off, he can get the take down, and once he gets the take down, Munoz has the chops to keep Machida there. Munoz could also get hit with some serious strikes going in for the take down, but I think this will only happen once; if it does not knock Munoz out, then Machida is in for some serious trouble, because Munoz is too smart to let it happen twice. Munoz does have the skills to beat Machida, but he is going to need to use his intelligence and his wrestling to get the win.

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