UFC: Will Anything Result From Wanderler Silva's Confrontation With Chael Sonnen?

By Jeremy Green
Wanderlei Silva UFC
Image via Wanderlei Silva Official Facebook Page

Wanderlei Silva and Chael Sonnen have been going at it for months now. Sonnen has repeatedly challenged Silva to a fight inside the UFC and has been doing everything in his power to make it happen.

However, Silva is only available, it seems, when Sonnen already has a fight booked. Silva’s rebuttal to Sonnen’s taunts were a series of violent videos online, showing his hatred for Sonnen and everything he has said about the Brazilian culture.

This feud has been boiling for months now, and it almost boiled over into a street fight at the Olympia Expo where Silva confronted Sonnen by surprise, recording the whole thing on video. Sonnen responded by getting in Silva’s face, telling him he’s going to pay and that he needed to turn the cameras off.

These heated words came to fruition because of Sonnen, who told MMA media that all of Silva’s wins under the Pride banner were fixed.

Sonnen is currently set to face Rashad Evans in a light heavyweight bout where a contender will emerge. Regardless of the outcome, the UFC will more than likely book Sonnen vs. Silva, which has the makings to be a heated rivalry battle. Silva is currently without an opponent, so hopefully this remains so until Sonnen can finish up with his Evans bout.

Sonnen is coming off a dominant submission win via guillotine over the former Pride superstar Shogun Rua. Sonnen will be looking to do the same thing to Silva, who is certainly not in his prime any more and may have started this whole barrage of attacks on Sonnen to stay relevant and collect a big payday.

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