UFC: Cat Zingano Suffers Another Devastating Injury

By Jeremy Green
Cat Zingano UFC
Gary A. Vasquez-USA Today Sports

Cat Zingano is one of the best bantamweights in the UFC’s women division. Leading up to her epic bout with Miesha Tate, Zingano wasn’t an overly popular fighter, but this all changed on fight night. The winner of this bout was going to coach on TUF against current bantamweight champ, Ronda Rousey.

The Tate vs. Zingano bout ended up being a war. Tate was up two rounds going into the third, so Zingano would have to muster up something special in order to come out the victor, which is exactly what she did. She landed knee after knee on Tate, who was unable to recover. The win gave Zingano an opportunity to coach and fight Rousey at the end of TUF, but a training injury forced her off the show.

Months have past, and it looked like things were starting to look up for Zingano, but according to her physician, she has sustained another injury to her knee. This time it’s her left knee, and it appears there might be a meniscus tear. Zingano is going to get a follow up MRI on the knee, but things don’t look good. If the injury is significant, then she will have to wait that much longer to get inside the cage. This is a shame, because she is one of the best women fighters in the UFC right now.

Hopefully she can make a full recovery in order to get inside the cage again, as she is one of the most feared strikers in the bantamweight division.

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