Tito Ortiz is Horrible For Bellator

By Kevin Davidson
Tito Ortiz
Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

The curtain has gone down on a career — just accept it and go on your way. I have no idea how Bellator is not calling Tito Ortiz and screaming at him to shut up. It is starting to get embarrassing. For those of you who have not heard, Ortiz has been blasting Dana White this past week about not being “loved” or “respected”, or … I have no idea.

I do know that it’s getting annoying and it is making Bellator look like a second-tier promotion.

Ortiz is currently under contract with Bellator and is scheduled for fight Rampage Jackson on November 2 in what is Bellator’s first ever pay-per-view. It would be a historic day for the promotion, but it seems that Ortiz cannot go one day without mentioning UFC or Dana White.

Does he realize that every time he does this, he is just making Bellator look absolutely terrible? There is nothing worse than an ex-employee who will not stop talking about his last job. It shows that Bellator is, essentially, taking the UFC’s used goods.

It seems that he is also recruiting Frank Shamrock, who recently engaged White in a ugly tweet battle. I understand that Shamrock is disgruntled at White because the two have some pretty serious history, but why is it all boiling up now? Does Shamrock really need all of the attention? Maybe he thinks that targeting the UFC will help him get cozy with Bellator?

I have no idea. It just makes me a little sad to see one legend with a new job and another legend looking for one both talking non-stop about their old employer. Hopefully they both learn very soon that it is making Bellator look second-rate.

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