UFC: Erick Silva Vs. Dong Hyun Kim Preview

By Kevin Davidson
Erick Silva
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

This is one interesting matchup. On one side, you have Erick Silva. The man is an animal with serious knockout power, and is looking to continue his winning ways after his Submission of The Night performance against Jason High. If there is one element he lacks in his game, it is in his wrestling.

On the other hand, you have Dong Hyun Kim, who is a wrestling beast. Kim wants to take you down and keep you there; he is not against grinding out a decision. Things are going to get interesting because these two athletes could not be more opposite to each other.

If Kim gets this fight to the ground, which he will, Silva will have to rely on his jiu-jitsu, which he has used before. The real question is: can Silva submit Kim? I do not think so as Kim is a seriously seasoned veteran. Kim has competed in the Octagon 11 times. He has stepped in there with the best of the best and has done fairly well against them. I think Kim is too experienced and too smart to get caught in a submission.

The biggest danger for Kim will be shooting in on the legs of Silva. Silva is extremely fast and likes to create space to throw plenty of kicks and knees. If Silva is able to get the timing down of Kim, I would not be surprised to see Kim get knocked out when he shoots in.

This is really what Kim has to be worried about. I think that he already knows this and will look to get the fight to the ground by getting Silva against the cage. I believe that Kim will beat Silva by unanimous decision in a grinding fight.

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