Matt Hamill vs. Thiago Silva: Will Hamill Break?

By Kevin Davidson
Matt Hamill
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In the world of MMA, feel-good stories are around every corner. Just take a look at the recent installment of the Ultimate Fighter: people living in their cars, sleeping in gyms, fighting for pennies, etc.

Yes, we have an over abundance of them, but there is always one that stand above the rest and that one, in my opinion, is Matt Hamill. Hamill made a serious impression on the Ultimate Fighter in the third season when he was the first deaf fighter to ever compete in the UFC. Hamill never let his disability affect his fighting, and even went on to get some serious wins in the UFC.

He recently came out of retirement to make another go after he rediscovered his love for the sport. Or did he?

Rumors have been circulating all week about how some of Hamill’s coaches would not help him prepare. No one really knows why they did not, but that is never a good sign. It seems that with fighting, the athlete has to love it or he will not compete to his full potential. Even if Hamill is fighting just for finance, he picked the wrong fight to do it for.

Hamill is fighting Thiago Silva. Granted Silva has lost a step or two within the last year, but the man is still a killer. He has hands of stone, decent wrestling and is not afraid to use either of them.

Is this the fight where Hamill breaks? Is he willing to walk through two or three of Silva’s bombs to get the takedown? Almost all of me wants to say yes, but man, I just seriously do not know. Maybe Hamill will fight his heart out because he back is against the wall. Maybe Hamill will look deep inside himself and whisper “No way am I losing this fight” then step into the Octagon.

I do not know if that will happen, but I hope it does.

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