Glory Kickboxing Has A Chance To Flourish

By Anthony Cloud

This weekend will mark the first time many Americans will see true premier kickboxing on national television. Glory 11 in Chicago will premiere Saturday on Spike TV. The event will be live from the Sears Centre Arena in Hoffman Estates, Ill.

The event will be headlined by Glory Light Heavyweight Tournament World Champion and World Series of Fighting participant Tyrone Spong (89-5-0) vs. Nathan Corbett (57-3-0). The fight will be a rematch of a 2009 bout.

There will also be a heavyweight world championship tournament that consist of Gokhan Saki, Rico Verhoeven, Daniel Ghita and Anderson ‘Braddock’ Silva. The winners will face each other to determine the heavyweight tournament champion.

With the aforementioned lineup in tact, Glory has a chance to shine and flourish in the eyes of all who watch. Unlike in years past when kickboxing faded away in America, Glory may actually become a household name.

Today, contact sports are becoming more and more common in America. People enjoy watching fights in large groups, whether it be MMA or boxing. Glory will bring a whole new element to the eyes of those who watch.

For the fan who enjoys boxing but grows tired of watching fighter throw jab-right combinations, Glory will allow them to enjoy a mixture of combinations involving punches and kicks. For the fan who enjoys MMA but hates when the fight goes to the ground, Glory will give them nonstop stand-up action.

It is a case of being in the right place at the right time for the kickboxing organization. Will the first event blow the lid off the house and make it an instant hit? It has the potential to. More than likely, Glory will be a work in progress and grow at a steady pace. The fact is Glory will not rise and fall over night like so many kickboxing organizations before them.

Headlining the event with a known name like Spong will draw in fans, and having a four-man tournament will excite viewers. Even though many people don’t know who Saki, Ghita, Silva or Vergoeven are, they will more than likely enjoy the tournament and be asking for more.

Saturday will be the beginning of a kickboxing sensation in America.

Anthony Cloud is a MMA Writer for Rant Sports. Follow him on Twitter @TheAceCloud

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