UFC Fight Night 29: Rousimar Palhares Submits Mike Pierce In Devastating Fashion

By Jeremy Green
Rousimar Palhares UFC
Jason Silva-USA Today Sports

At UFC Fight Night 29, Mike Pierce faced a dynamic grappler in Rousimar Palhares, who was making his welterweight debut. Pierce was coming into this fight with a lot of momentum, and he was looking to make a statement against Palhares in hopes of getting his name thrown in the hat to challenge for the title.

Palhares was able to lock up a leg lock early in the first round, where Pierce was unable to escape. He was forced to tap, and it’s one of the more impressive victories for Palhares, who is going to be a tough outing for any fighter in the welterweight division.

The win showcased the type of power and finishing ability Palhares has once he can grab onto a leg, and it’s a little confusing on why Pierce was content to pressure the more dangerous ground fighter in Palhares.

This was an incredible win for Palhares, who instantly becomes a title contender in the division. Pierce is one of the best welterweights in the division, and Palhares was able to run right through him. It seems like the drop down to the welterweight division is paying dividends, as he can really get some torque behind his submissions.

Palhares is a physical specimen to say the least, and he is an exciting addition to the welterweight division, which is currently being reigned by Georges St. Pierre.

Now Palhares is 1-0 in the welterweight division, and fighters in this division better start drilling leg lock escapes, because Palhares is coming with a vengeance. If he can keep developing as a fighter, he very well could fight for the title.

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