Jake Shields Proves He is a Top-10 Fighter

By Kevin Davidson
Jake Shields
Jason Silva-USA TODAY Sports

Well, sometimes you eat the bar and other times, the bar eats you. I am really confused by what that means but it seems fitting here so I’m going to roll with it. In other news, I recently predicted Demian Maia to submit Jake Shields. I would have bet everything that I own on that outcome, but that just did not happen. Was it an extremely close fight? Yes. Do I think that the judges made the right decision? Yes.

This is probably Shield’s biggest win in the UFC to date. Sure, he has come out on top in some less-than-stellar performances but he has yet to get a signature win. This was his signature win. Not only did he win, he worked for it. To the casual fan, that fight may have seemed boring. It was anything but that. What we were able to see was some of the most high-level grappling that was ever put on display in the UFC. Shields was able to pass guard, take down and reverse the Maia who was able to “Jon Fitch” Jon Fitch. It was extremely impressive.

Shields did show that he still has some work to put in with his striking as Maia’s right hand was able to catch him again and again. If Shields is able to put some striking together, he could very well get back to a title shot. To me, this win showed a lot of validation for the UFC as a whole. Shields just proved that he is a legitimate talent in the Welterweight division and could become a force if he is able to tighten his game up.

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