UFC Fight Night 29: Winners And Losers

By Jeremy Green
Dong Hyun Kim UFC
Jason Silva-USA Today Sports

UFC Fight Night 29 took place last night in Brazil and featured a stacked card from top to bottom. There were some clear winners and losers of the event, so let’s take a look and see who those fighters were.


Dong Hyun Kim: Kim is arguably the biggest winner of the night. Going up against Erick Silva, it was thought that Kim’s best route to victory would be his grappling. This proved to be true in the first, but the second turned out to be a surprise, as Kim was able to get the KO victory. It looked like Kim was fading but he rallied back, landing one of his biggest punches ever. He has now set himself up with a huge contender fight, and it will be interesting to see him continuing his development as a fighter.

Rousimar Palhares: Palhares did what he has done to a lot of fighters against Mike Pierce, locking up a heel hook. He got the tap in the first and it was a much-needed win as he was on a two-fight losing streak. The win wasn’t without controversy, however, because Palhares held on the submission well after the ref had come in to stop the bout. This has happened in the past, and the UFC is going to investigate the late submission, which could possibly result in a heavy fine for Palhares.

Jake Shields: Shields was coming into this fight with Demian Maia as the underdog, something he is accustomed to in his fighting tenure. Shields was able to control Maia on the ground for rounds two and three, and he was able to land some strikes in every round. It wasn’t the most sterling victory for Shields but at the end of the day, it’s another win he can add to his impressive resume.


Erick Silva: Silva is one of the biggest losers of the night. He had a lot of hype behind him as he was one of the most explosive strikers in the division. However, Silva let his guard down, and Kim was able to make him pay dearly. Now, Silva will have to regroup and work on his technique a little bit more, especially if he wants to work his way back up for a title shot.

Demian Maia: Maia took a huge hit to his career after this Jake Shields loss. Many fans and media felt he did enough to win or at the very least get a draw, but the judges ultimately gave Shields the nod. Now, Maia had his four-fight winning streak snapped and he will have to work his way back to get another title shot.

Mike Pierce: This is a huge setback for Pierce. He looked good early, but his decision to stay on the inside with Palhares ultimately led to his demise. And to make matters worse, he may have a possible knee injury as Palhares held onto the leg lock for far too long.

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