Diego Sanchez Needs To Win at UFC 166

By Kevin Davidson
Diego Sanchez
Matt Ryerson-USA TODAY Sports

Whatever happened to “The Nightmare”? I remember when Diego Sanchez was a psychopath, inside and outside of the Octagon. He was absolutely relentless in everything. His striking was fast and simple, he was active off of his back, and would be more than happy to eat two punches to give you one. He was feared in the Lightweight division, and he even made it to the a title shot but was stopped by BJ Penn. After his failed title bid, things began to change.

Sanchez moved up in weight and began to put on extremely exciting fights, but all of them were too close to actually call one of the fighters a winner. He then dropped back down to Lightweight and picked up a controversial decision against Takanori Gomi. He is now set to fight Gilbert Melendez this Saturday at UFC 166. This could be a make or break fight for Sanchez. He wants another title shot but, as the saying goes, you are only as good as your last fight, and Sanchez’s last fight was not good. He came in overweight, seemed hesitant to let himself go and actually looked gassed in the first round.

Sanchez, first of all, needs to come in on weight this time. He then needs to realize that he is fighting a guy who just got done fighting for the title and has a huge chip on his shoulder. I hope to see Sanchez fight a smart fight, but it looks like Melendez is better in every way. This can only mean that Sanchez will go to war one more time and hopefully pick up a win. If Sanchez loses he can say bye-bye to the title talk for a while.

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