TUF 18: B.J. Penn Employs Mark Coleman As His Wrestling Coach

By Jeremy Green
B.J. Penn UFC
Mark J. Rebillas-USA Today Sports

B.J. Penn is set to coach against Frankie Edgar on the next season of the Ultimate Fighter. This is a huge opportunity for Penn, as it gives him the chance to come back into the spotlight of the UFC, and also gives him a chance to redeem his past to losses to Edgar. Penn seems to be taking the right path in terms of turning around his career.

He has hired Mike Dolce to help him with his journey down to the featherweight division, and he is training with killers such as Jose Aldo and Renan Barao. Now, it seems like Penn is going to be bringing in Mark Coleman to help with the wrestling on TUF.

Coleman is a legend of the sport, and he was one of the first fighters to implement the strategy of ground-in-pound in his fights. He will be looking to help Penn win the season, and it’s going to create an interesting dynamic for the show.

Coleman hasn’t competed inside the UFC since 2010 in a loss via rear-naked choke to Randy Couture. Coleman would end up retiring after the bout, but he still has a copious amounts of information in terms of the grappling and wrestling aspects of fighting. Coleman will hope that this helps Penn’s team and Penn himself to beat out Edgar on TUF, which will be the show’s 18th installment.

Penn’s weakness has always been his wrestling, which is Edgar’s forte, so the addition of Coleman to his team can only make him a better fighter.

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