Is Nick Diaz Going to Fight Michael Bisping?

By Kevin Davidson
Nick Diaz
Eric Bolte-USA TODAY Sports

If a publicist took a step back and really examined Nick Diaz, the publicist would be speechless. We are talking about a MMA fighter who is retired, and fans cannot stop talking about him.

Rumors run rampant every week about who he is fighting when he comes back, how good of a shape he is in, or how he is training boxing now; another week, another rumor for Diaz. That was, until I saw that Michael Bisping tweeted that he would love to welcome Diaz to his weight division. I’m not going to lie — it made me raise an eyebrow.

This fight build-up would be absolutely insane. Diaz has gone off on the who’s who of nice guys in mixed martial arts. Instead, stick a loud, outspoken and confident fighter in front of him and just push record on the cameras, because all you are going to capture is gold. Not to mention, the fight itself would be amazing! Both of these guys are not necessarily known for the knockout power, but they are known for their fast and crisp boxing. It would be a stand-up war.

Sorry for getting so fired up during the last paragraph. I apologize because it is just not going to happen. I personally believe that Diaz is going to take a little more time off and really get the desire to fight back. Diaz is playing it extra safe. He understands that the fans still want to see him fight and is biding his time.

To put it simply; the man is retired and people cannot stop talking about him. One day Diaz will come back, angrier and meaner than ever, but it will not happen for a little while.

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