UFC: Will Junior Dos Santos And Cain Velsaquez Meet In A Fourth Fight?

By Anthony Cloud
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Junior dos Santos and Cain Velasquez are the two dominate forces in the UFC heavyweight division by a long shot. As it stands right now, there are no other true threats to either fighter. This makes one pose the question, no matter who wins the fight on Saturday, will Velasquez and dos Santos meet for a fourth time under the UFC banner in the future?

It is a legitimate question, considering which division we are looking at. Some thought the Gray Maynard/Frank Edgar trilogy should have gone to a fourth bout (the final record to date is 1-1-1), but there was too much talent in the lightweight division to hold the belt hostage any longer.

The situation is a little bit different in the heavyweight division. For starters, there is not a line of interesting contenders waiting for a shot at the title.  There are only a handful of fighters in the division who have legitimate title hopes, since Daniel Cormier has decided to take his shot in the light heavyweight division.

Fabricio Werdum, and possibly Josh Barnett, are the only fighters that come to mind when thinking about title contenders other than Velasquez and dos Santos. Werdum is the only one in prime position for a title shot without needing another fight on his resume.

The ages of Velasquez and dos Santos also leaves the door open for a fourth encounter. Velasquez is the elder at 31, but he still has plenty of fights ahead of him. The same is clearly said about dos Santos, who is 29.

A fourth fight is also something I can see both casual and hardcore fans wanting. Velasquez/dos Santos has the same appeal as heavyweight fights during boxing’s golden days.

Unless one fighter literally dominates the other, a fourth bout could definitely come years down the road.

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