UFC: Roy Nelson Needs a Win

By Kevin Davidson
Roy Nelson
Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Big Country is a full-blooded, meat-loving, outdoor-living, good old American. I can see the stars and stripes waving proudly behind him as he walks down the aisle to the Octagon. It’s a beautiful thing. That’s about as good as it gets for Roy Nelson. As of late, Dana White has been highly critical of the stern Nelson. It is no secret that they bashed heads on his season of the Ultimate Fighter, even though we had to read about those reports because no one watched that season. Still, Nelson was on an incredible win-streak and I suppose he was offered some leeway. That leeway is now gone; ever since Nelson lost his last fight to Stipe Miocic. In the process, he blew a huge bargaining chip for his new contract. White now seems to have Nelson in his cross hairs.

This is all seems a little strange to me. It seems here that White just does not like having Nelson be a thorn in his side; White also has a history of not liking certain fighters and making them pay for it. The only route that is safe for Nelson to take is to win and to win impressively. Nelson needs to come out and try to take Daniel Cormier’s head off tonight at UFC 166; if he is able to do that, then White can back off for the next couple months and it will be able to give Nelson some breathing room. This, of course, all comes to down to Nelson actually doing that against Cormier. I cannot see that happening, but I can. I understand that is confusing as all get out but let me explain.

The Heavyweight division in the UFC has never been the most stable of places to fight. These athletes are so big and strong it literally only take one punch and the fight is over. The biggest mistake that Cormier can make tonight is getting comfortable. Cormier needs to be aware that no matter how badly Nelson is hurt he can always throw a bomb and end the fight. Nelson is in dire need a win here, and for his job security and contracts sake, he needs a win.

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