Cain Velasquez Proves Dominance

By Kevin Davidson
Cain Velasquez
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

The UFC is big on saying that their heavyweight champion is the baddest man on the planet. I am going to go ahead and agree because after watching Cain Velasquez’s beating of Junior Dos Santos last night, it would be extremely hard to argue otherwise. Velasquez, yet again, was able to throw Dos Santos a beating of biblical proportions. Dos Santos did have his moments in their fight though, scoring some big shots on Velasquez, but was never really making any headway. Velasquez was like glue on Dos Santos, and just kept pounding away until the fight was stopped.

In a division where there is such a clear gap between top contenders and the champion, it is getting harder and harder to see anyone beating Velasquez soon. It seems as if Velasquez is just the perfect type of athlete for that division; where Heavyweights lack speed, Velasquez has it in boatloads, and where heavyweights have size, Velasquez nullifies it with his wrestling. Velasquez proved all of this with his dominant wins over Antonio Silva.

So, what is next for the champion? Most of us would say give him Daniel Cormier! That bout would be awesome, but both Velasquez and Cormier train together at AKA and have refused to fight and because of that, Cormier is dropping to light heavyweight. Travis Browne is quietly making waves, but I doubt that he is ready for a shot. Mark Hunt? As much as I’m sure every fan would want to see it, Velasquez would probably make very easy work of him. Seeing how Velasquez has no clear challengers, it must be a little lonely being the baddest man on the planet.

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