Gilbert Melendezs' Victory Over Diego Sanchez Highlights Best Card In UFC History

By Ryan Wenzell
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

What a couple of wars. Gilbert Melendez’s narrow victory over Diego Sanchez highlighted what was arguably the best card in UFC history. The Melendez Sanchez fight was the bout of the century.

These two just went at it. It had everything. Striking, take downs, submission attempts as Sanchez was left a bloody mess by the end of the fight. Just as with Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones, there simply must be a re-match between these two in what was easily the fight of the year between the two lightweights.

Following that up was another war. This time between the top two heavyweights of the company in Junior Dos Santos and Cain Velasquez. On any other night this would have been the fight of the evening. It was another five-round war between these two but Velasquez dominated Dos Santos for much of the five rounds in a bit of a deja vu from the last time they met. Dos Santos looked totally out of it between rounds at one point.

As tough as some of these athletes are with the beating they take, a doctor or official should have stepped in at that point and thrown in the towel. Regardless, Dos Santos kept on going, looking woozy, and finally was dropped near the end of the 5th round in a vicious knockout for Velasquez.

I don’t see anyone dethroning Velasquez anytime soon for top heavyweight in the company. Regardless, this was an evening to remember for UFC fans. It was the greatest set of fights I have ever witnessed. The entire card featured wars but the Melendez/Sanchez and Dos Santos/Velasquez duels were on another planet. Kudos on a great night.

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