UFC 166: Gilbert Melendez Edges Diego Sanchez In War

By Jeremy Green
Gilbert Melendez UFC
Andrew Richardson-USA Today Sports

Gilbert Melendez and Diego Sanchez are two exciting fighters, who have the ability to press the action unlike most fighters in the UFC. A lot was on the line for both men at UFC 166. The winner would put themselves in line for a title shot, where Anthony Pettis currently reigns supreme in the division.

From start to finish, both Sanchez and Melendez went toe-to-toe for three straight rounds. Gilbert got the better of the exchanges early, but Diego would rally back and pressure Melendez. Diego would even drop Melendez in the third, but Melendez recovered. It was one of the most exciting fights ever inside the UFC.

At the end of the day, Gilbert was awarded the unanimous decision, proving he is one of the best lightweights in the world. He will more than likely fight for the title after Anthony Pettis tries to defend his belt against the scrappy Josh Thomson. It was a brilliant performance put on by both Gilbert and Diego, and the Houston fans couldn’t have been happier. They witnessed two warriors fight it out to the brink for three straight rounds, and both will surely get the Fight-Of-The-Night bonus.

For Diego, he showed great heart in coming back from the first round. Even though he got punched, he kept pressing forward, landing some powerful shots on his own. The move back down to the lightweight division proved to be great for Diego’s career, and it’s clear he still has a long time to develop and grow as a fighter. Congrats to both men tonight on an amazing fight.

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