UFC: John Dodson Won’t Be Ignored

By Kevin Davidson
John Dodson
Andrew Richardson-USA TODAY Sports

I once heard someone refer to John Dodson as, “you know, the smallest guy in the little division.” After I was done laughing hysterically, I realized it was not that far off from a good description. Think about it; Dodson is seriously tiny. I will never say that to him though, because that guy can hit! It is actually frightening to see a Flyweight knock someone out cold. Maybe it’s because you really do not see it coming. I mean, there are some Lightweights who do not have a knockout win on their record and then here comes Dodson, freaking two-stepping on his way to the Octagon to go collect another head. It’s somehow backwards; but in a great way.

Dodson has been making waves ever since he stepped foot in the Octagon as a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter. Dodson went on to win that season. Even though he rubbed some fans the wrong way, his talent could not be denied. The highlight of his time on the show was when he punched Johnny Bedford so hard; Bedford woke up thinking he was in another state. That actually happened. He then picked up extremely impressive wins over T.J. Dillashaw, to win the tournament, and then knocked out Jussier Formiga. He was awarded a title shot but ultimately lost a decision.

I honestly think that Dodson is the mean to beat Demetrious Johnson. His confidence in his power, and increasing speed, could really show the champion some trouble in a fight or two. The main thing that Dodson needs to keep doing is finishing fights. If Dodson can keep knocking people out, he will only get more and more confident which will eventually lead to another great fight with the champion.

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