Is Mark Munoz Now A Gatekeeper?

By Kevin Davidson
Mark Munoz
Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports

Poor Mark Munoz. He has been here before though. It was not too long ago that he was fighting for a no. 1 contender’s spot.

It was a huge fight because Munoz, who everyone considered a serious threat in the division, was fighting a hungry up-and-comer that goes by the name of Chris Weidman. The night did not turn out how Munoz wanted. After being outwrestled by Weidman, everyone could see that Munoz was a little discouraged; he was supposed to dominate in the wrestling department. In the second round, Weidman landed an elbow that knocked Munoz clean out.

Not only was it a loss, but it was a brutal loss. It was the type of loss that sends fighters back to their camp with doubts that they could ever be a champion. Munoz came back though and put an absolute beating on Tim Boetsch. All of that led up to last night. He was brutally knocked out again and was just clearly outclassed from the get-go.

Is it safe to say that Munoz will never be champion? Unfortunately, I think so. Munoz now has to take on the role of a “gatekeeper”, but with a twist.

Munoz is good enough to be considered in the top-10 — maybe even in top-five in the division. He will now be the gauging stick for all fighters that want a top-five opponent. Is this a bad thing? Yes and no. Yes in a way that it is going to take him a couple wins to get back on track. It is not a bad thing because if he beats two or three of these new fighters, he can easily be put back into a headlining bout.

Seeing as he was just viciously knocked out though, it may be a while before we see him in that headlining bout.

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